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Apple’s Loyalty Program only kicks in if you spend more than $5,000 in a 12-month period with Apple. Generally organizations namely education institutes or IT departments of companies. Though the low $5,000 entry point means that those companies don’t necessarily have to be all that large. The loyalty program has been around for years, but benefits big-spending companies and schools that purchases large quantities of items.

Last year, Apple updated the program with several improvements that drives more sales to organizations.

Discount program has three tiers, Red Tier – starting at $5K in a 12-month period. Next up is green tier – $35K,  and then blue tier – $200K .

With changes, almost all of the discounts have been improved a couple of percentage points. For example, Mac discount has improved from 5 percent to 6 percent in the red tier and as much as 8 percent at the blue tier.

Third-party accessory discounts have gone from 5 percent to 10 percent on the red tier and higher on the blue tiers – though certain items from sellers like Beats and Jawbone are excluded.

iPads will continue to be discounted around 2 to 4 percent based on model and quantity. Unlocked iPhones are added to the loyalty program for the first time.

Participating organizations can speak to an Apple Retail Business Team member at a store or on the phone to arrange for discounts on iPad.

Another item added to the program for the first time is Apple TV. This is actually a good option for participating organizations wishing to provide presentation capabilities to class rooms that connects with iPads.

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